Prepaid israeli sim cards

Best prepaid sim card israel

The best prepaid SIM cards in Israel: make the best calls with them

Israel prepaid card is very useful and now it is available online also. You can select your Israel prepaid SIM card according to your usage limits. There is no hidden cost and it comes with lot of features and facilities. Only the permanent citizens of Israel are allowed to use their residential mobile connections and if you visit there as a tourist then you cannot avail these connections. On the other part if you are using your existing mobile connection in Israel then you have to bear lot of charges as an international roaming cost.

prepaid israeli sim cards

What are the benefits of prepaid sim card Israel?

  • If you have an Israel SIM card then you need not bear any extra international roaming charges.
  • If you need to access high speed internet in Israel then you can take a Israel data SIM also. It provides high speed data access at 4G speed up to 6GB space. You can use it in your apple devices, dongle, and tablet and as a Wi-Fi connection. It will get activated automatically after inserting the SIM into your device and the validity period of this connection is ninety days.
  • The Israel data SIM can work after a stipulated gigabyte usage also but the speed decreases at the level of 3G only.
  • If you need a flexible Israel SIM card then you can take a normal travel SIM. You can make up to three hundred calls in Israel and send almost three thousand texts in Israel by using this SIM.
  • The normal Israel SIM offers maximum data usage plans through feel at home services. You can access internet and Wi-Fi around the city with this system easily and this plan offers unlimited data uses also. But you have to choose this system during activation and you can pay for your data uses on monthly basis or select a specific usage plan also.
  • You can make international calls to more than twenty five countries at low rates.
  • Feel at home services are available in many countries like, Australia, Denmark. Finland, France, Hong Kong, Italy, UK, Norway, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. You can access your internet throughout these countries without any interruptions.

Best prepaid sim card for israel

These web portals provide the best prepaid SIM card for Israel also and you can take this card before visiting Israel. You can make calls without roaming charges by using this SIM.