Israeli sim card

Buy Israeli sim card

Before you step you feet on the Israel Land, you definitely need to get things rolling. Communication is one key factor you must consider and to make it right, a local Israel Simcard is all you need. With many network operators, there are three historical ones that will never let you down; Cellcom, Pelephone, and Partner (formerly Orange). You can make your order before your stay or pick any of the Simcard from cell phone shops.

Israeli sim card

Israel sim card data package

These Sim cards are pocket-friendly and have no intentions of breaking your tight budget. The call rates and data SMS are in a friendly package with the prepaid Sim cards being the best option. Be keen to check on the local operators and frequencies to know whether your device will be compatible with Israel Sim cards and if not, we have got your back! Local phones are available in nearly all the cell phones shops and stores and you only need to have your affordable amount within reach.

2G supporting Sim cards operates at an average frequency, (GSM) of 900 to 1800 MHz while the 3G supporting Sim cards operates exclusively well on a 2100 MHz average frequency. Most parts of the country are full covered except the unsettled south and northern part of the desert. The 4G/LTE network works perfectly in most cities on an average of 1800 MHz to all the Sim cards. All the Sim cards, especially the prepaid ones, are anonymous and there is no need of tedious registration, activation, ID checks and stuff.

Israel sim card price

The prices depending on the brand, the store or shop you decide to make the purchase. You will need a top-up once you buy one and the Israel regulations on Sim cards permits a legal disconnection after a continuous dormancy period of 12 months. Let communication not be a source of a headache in your peaceful stay in this beautiful country. It is time to act on your priorities, and first get that local Israel sim card to get you started.