Kosher cell phone

How to Stay Connected in Israel by Using Kosher Phone

One of the problems you are likely to face while on a visit to Israel is how to stay connected. This is especially so if you want to avoid the high costs associated by using the roaming option. The best solution in this case is to get an Israeli sim card. This should allow you to make local and even international calls during your stay.

kosher cell phone

What is a kosher cell phone ?

However, what most people do not realize is that you can order a local sim card in advance even before getting on the plane. This is important if you want to avoid last minute rush. Furthermore, you might need to make calls immediately you arrive. What you only need to do is go online and purchase a sim card. A local sim card is especially useful if you plan to stay for a while and you want to make business calls.

What makes a phone kosher

Apart from local sim cards you might also want to use a Kosher phone. Kosher phone is essentially a mobile phone that is traditionally used by people who follow the Jewish laws strictly. The major difference between kosher phones and conventional phones is that the kosher lacks in most features that standard phones have. For instance, the kosher lacks text messaging and internet capabilities. It is only meant for making calls. Buying this phone gives an experience of Jewish traditions especially when it comes to communication. The phone is especially common with older adults who like it because of its simplicity.

Kosher phone plans

You do no have to wait until you arrive to buy this phone. You can place an order online or through the phone so that immediately you arrive you can pick your kosher phone. When you are equipped with a local sim card and the kosher then communication should be easy. You can carry the phone with you back home as a souvenir. Furthermore, you can always use both the sim card and the phone on your subsequent visits to Israel.